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Need to do an internship as part of your studies or want to gain work experience outside of your studies?

We have an open application with interest in applicants from educations relating to

  • Software Development / Application Programming

  • UX Designers / Interaction Designers / Graphic and Media Designers

  • Product Marketing / Digital Marketing

Or if you are in another field that relates to Business, Digital Products, Technology or Software, send in an application regardless with a suggestion on what you would like to work with and we can plan out a new role.

This internship is aimed at students that need to do an internship relevant to their courses and skills as part of their education program or to individuals interested in a voluntary internship to gain experience.
There are Erasmus traineeship grants, internship allowances (, stipends and scholarships from various public initiatives, family fund stipends and associations that need to be researched and sourced on your own and self-applied. We can only support with providing information needed for these and the application process is independently done by you. Outside of these grants and allowances, the roles are unpaid as we are newly started companies, self funded without heavy investments, yet bring a wealth of connections, knowledge and experiences with backgrounds that include being a multiple award winning entrepreneur in Sweden, with local and international press coverage, and product professional that has worked with design and engineering teams of different sizes bringing concepts to life and building digital innovations in startups and corporations.

Our company works with concepting and developing digital software and innovations that addresses gaps in the market across several many different industries, industry agnostic, encountered by businesses and individuals by researching, experimenting, building, testing and improving iteratively enterprise B2B software and consumer B2C software.

Currently, we have several projects, their products in the works and in the pipeline, some with complete specifications and clear requirements scoped out and others without requirements scoped clearly yet only early concepts.

Preferred start month is in the middle of August, September or October this year, 2024.

  • Flexible working hours and can structure your daily start and end time as preferred
    (Minimum Part Time 20 hours working week and Preferred 30 to 40 hours Full Time working week)
    This depends on whether you do a Full Time internship as part of your studies or Part Time alongside.

  • Team based work

  • Weekly review meetings

  • 3 months or 6 months or 9 months internship (Duration also depends on which grants you apply)

  • Remote first (However, if team members are co-located can work together where preferred)

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